Ossi Yeto

Uíge Province Electrification Project


The Uíge electrification project faces several challenges, including difficulties in transporting materials due to damaged roads, steep terrain, adverse weather conditions (heavy rain), and the need to maintain high-quality standards for the materials used.


To address these challenges, the project employs innovative technical solutions and high-quality equipment. The land is leveled and prepared to ensure optimal conditions for infrastructure installation. Additionally, public awareness efforts are undertaken to highlight the positive impact of the project on the lives of the local population.


The electrification of the Uíge province is a significant and vital undertaking. It aims to provide reliable and renewable hydroelectric energy to the population, especially those currently without access to electricity. This initiative will lead to increased job opportunities, local and provincial economic development, improved quality of life, and living standards for the inhabitants. It also contributes to reducing emissions, aligning with the Kyoto Protocol, and brings economic benefits, employment generation, crime reduction, and improvements in basic sanitation and overall health.

Project Goals

  • Construction of 7 Electrical Substations
  • Installation of 600 km of high and medium Voltage Lines
  • Deployment of medium Voltage Electrical Cabinets
  • Provision of over 10,000 domiciliary connections.

Aldeia Nova is an agro-industrial center located in the province of Cuanza Sul that needs a total energy that reaches 6 MW. In order to accomplish these needs, the center used diesel generator systems in order to supply energy to all of its business. This consumption was highly dependent on the availability of diesel while having a high economic weight.

This project includes the medium voltage network at 30 kV and four MV / LV transformation posts with a 250 kVA transformer each, connecting to the internal low voltage network in parallel with the generators.