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About Ossi Yeto

Ossi Yeto is part of the Mitrelli Group and is responsible for promoting projects in the energy sector. The company’s mission is to provide innovative solutions that enable countries to develop their economies and improve the quality of life of the populations.

Before starting any project, the company performs a detailed study of the needs of the local communities. Utilizing its in-house extensive experience and know-how together with its long-term partners, Ossi Yeto strives to achieve and implement the most suitable solution for each specific situation.
We strengthen our clients
Ossi Yeto seeks to promote the local autonomy, leaving every project in the hands of local authorities, which, after receiving training from the company, will be able to operate and maintain the project throughout its life cycle.

Added Value

Ossi Yeto is a leading energy and electric power infrastructure construction and maintenance company headquartered in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. We provide high-voltage energy transmission, distribution, and substation construction and maintenance services. Ossi Yeto enjoys delivering complete power construction services to countries, major utility and energy companies, electrical engineering firms, municipalities, and renewable energy developers.
Our team applies its decades of experience and knowledge in operations, engineering and construction, asset management, project management, and technical support to develop, operate, administer, and maintain state-of-the-art energy and electrical power infrastructure facilities in developed countries.

We electrified Medical clinics and hospitals for Covid 19.
We reduce millions of tons of CO2 emission per year by replacing diesel generation with renewable energies.
Delivered energy solutions to over 250,000 African homes.
Electricity poles

Our Values

At Ossi Yeto, our vision is to lead the transformation of the energy industry towards a better and clean energy future.


An unwavering commitment to quality and superior service is the hallmark of our work – from our preliminary conceptual design for a project to the implementation and final walkthrough.


Ossi Yeto constantly seeks out new and creative ideas, and we incorporate the best practices into our work.


Ossi Yeto values people, encourages teamwork, and treats everyone with respect. We always work together to search for new solutions, deliver our services, and review opportunities to learn, improve and grow.


Ossi Yeto values honesty, transparency, and fairness, whether we are interacting with employees, clients, or contractors.


Ossi Yeto views our clients as our partners and works together as a team in order to identify needs and requirements and create solutions that make a difference.


We have a rigorous, professional, and disciplined business approach. Ossi Yeto is committed to consistently improving and optimizing our services by investing in the continued training and professional education of our employees


We’re dedicated to responding to client questions and queries promptly and thoroughly.


Ossi Yeto responds to client needs and preferences with agility and flexibility, evolving our approach to incorporate new techniques, solutions, and technology.