Ossi Yeto

Sumbe-Gabela-Waku Kungo Electrification Project

The Sumbe-Gabela-Waku Kungo (SGWK) electrification project aims to expand Angola’s national electricity transmission network, specifically in rural areas, enabling a large number of families, schools, medical facilities, and factories to have access to the electricity grid provided.


The project faced several challenges since Angola around 70% of its population was without any access to grid-provided electricity, and materials transport due to roads under construction and in poor condition.


Expand electricity access, providing a dignified quality of life for all citizens, promoting coexistence among themselves, generating new ideas, knowledge and economic and social development. Provide quality, sustainable, and safe electricity to the local population substantially developing their quality of life.


The supply of permanent energy to the population that lived in the dark, bringing new opportunities to rural communities, allowing to improve the standard of living of citizens, providing business development, job creation and consequently additional investments, development of rural industry in one of the provinces with more rural production, Angola. Provide the necessary energy and connect to the national grid the 4 farms in Cuanza Sul and connect more than 150,000 Angolans living in isolated rural areas to the national electronic grid. This project replaces inefficient and expensive diesel generation with a viable source of “clean” energy generation, free of any pollution, and its social and economic impact is of massive relevance and amplitude, composed of the assembly of more than 330 km of overhead transmission lines, of which 255 km are high voltage and 75 km low voltage. The scale of this project is so great that it also includes the construction of 5 new substations in various regions of the province of Kwanza Sul, it is also included in this project a new telecommunications system to be installed in 6 existing substations allowing communication between them and the control center (radio, voice and data), as well as the remote control and operation of the substations by the Scada system installed.

The Project Includes

100 Km of 220 kv transmission lines

60 km of 60 kv transmission lines

100 km of 30 kv transmission lines

Telecommunication project to control the substations from the dispatch center.

Aldeia Nova is an agro-industrial center located in the province of Cuanza Sul that needs a total energy that reaches 6 MW. In order to accomplish these needs, the center used diesel generator systems in order to supply energy to all of its business. This consumption was highly dependent on the availability of diesel while having a high economic weight.

This project includes the medium voltage network at 30 kV and four MV / LV transformation posts with a 250 kVA transformer each, connecting to the internal low voltage network in parallel with the generators.