Ossi Yeto

Satellites/ Solar Project


The project to provide energy to the V-SAT System-New Cognito client faced several challenges throughout its implementation. These included difficulties in transporting materials due to poor road conditions and logistic barriers caused by distance during the rainy season. Ensuring the correct positioning of solar panels also posed a challenge.


To overcome these challenges, the project implemented appropriate techniques and utilized high-quality materials and equipment. This ensured the correct location and installation of solar panels, mitigating logistical and positioning issues.


The project successfully provided solar energy systems to 184 sites across all provinces of Angola within an 11-month timeframe. This installation enabled internet access and various digital services, leading to the generation of information, and facilitating economic and social development in rural and remote areas. The project fostered community engagement, introduced innovative technical solutions, reduced rural isolation, and expanded employment opportunities. Overall, these improvements significantly enhanced the living conditions of the population.

Aldeia Nova is an agro-industrial center located in the province of Cuanza Sul that needs a total energy that reaches 6 MW. In order to accomplish these needs, the center used diesel generator systems in order to supply energy to all of its business. This consumption was highly dependent on the availability of diesel while having a high economic weight.

This project includes the medium voltage network at 30 kV and four MV / LV transformation posts with a 250 kVA transformer each, connecting to the internal low voltage network in parallel with the generators.