Ossi Yeto


Amongst the various areas of activity, Ossi Yeto develops solutions in the electricity field, with activities comprising the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power.

Business Activities

Construction &

These solutions include planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of power generation facilities to include conventional technologies & renewable ones.

Business Activities


Ossi Yeto specializes in installation of transmission lines and power distribution for low, medium, and high voltage.

Responsible for building of dozens of substations in Angola.

2 power stations – Thermal and Hydroelectric.

Build thousands of Kilometers of transmission lines in Angola.

Business Activities

Smart Metering Systems

The company is also active in the development of innovative solutions regarding smart metering systems.

Business Activities

Construction &

Ossi Yeto is active in the construction of new substations and rehabilitation of the existing ones.

From development to operation to construction to maintenance expertise, Ossi Yeto knows how to apply energy resources to the full extent of the project’s life cycle.

Plant Construction and Maintenance

Over several years of service, Ossi Yeto has developed the power generation and energy capabilities that have fueled and promoted the expansive growth of businesses and industry. Our specialists and professionals have substantial experience and expertise in everything from fossil fuels, electrical, and nuclear to solar and hydroelectric energy.
Our team applies its broad-ranging knowledge and experience to develop unique, creative, and project-specific solutions that match your needs and preferences, whether we are constructing a new power plant or performing repairs or upgrades for performance and efficiency.

Electric Distribution Construction

We specialize in the construction and maintenance of electric power distribution systems for both overhead and underground distribution systems. We also provide 24/7 emergency response services. We ensure that efficiency, safety, field performance, and quality of work are important fundamentals to an effective and successful collaboration with our partners. We are leading the pursuit of innovation, providing integrated and reliable solutions to customers via a diversified services platform.

Business Activities

Our Projects

In a highly competitive and evolving energy sector, Ossi Yeto has emerged as a leader. Ossi Yeto is aware of the changing dynamics in the modern-day energy sector and want to make a difference.