About Us

Ossi Yeto is part of the Mitrelli Group and is responsible for promoting projects in the energy sector. The company's mission is to provide innovative solutions that enable countries to develop their economies and improve the quality of life of the populations.

Tailor-Made Solutions for Each Specific Client

Before starting any project, the company performs a detailed study of the needs of the local communities. Utilizing its in-house extensive experience and know-how together with its long term partners, Ossi Yeto strives to achieve and implement the most suitable solution for each specific situation.

We strengthen our clients

Ossi Yeto seeks to promote the local autonomy, leaving every project in the hands of local authorities, which, after receiving training from the company, will be able to operate and maintain the project throughout its life cycle.


Business Activities

Power line connected towers

Amongst the various areas of activity, Ossi Yeto develops solutions in the electricity field, with activities comprising the production, transmission and distribution of electric power. These solutions include planning, construction, operation and maintenance of power generation facilities to include conventional technologies and renewable ones and the installation of transmission lines and power distribution for low, medium and high voltage, as well as the construction of new substations and rehabilitation of the existing ones.

Power line with three insulators

Ossi Yeto provides also long term, life cycle services for power plants for gas turbines, combined cycle plants, cogeneration, hydroelectric plants, solar, as well as wind farms.

The company is also active in the development of projects in areas such as public illumination and street lighting as well as innovative solutions regarding smart metering systems.


Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant of Gangelas

Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant of Gangelas

The project of Gangelas started in April 2013 and was concluded in August 2015, for the Ministry of Agriculture of Angola. This project consists in the construction of a mini hydroelectric power plant of 1.2 MW - two units, in Gangelas dam and the execution of a 15 KV overhead transmission line of 5,5 km from the power...

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Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant of Gangelas

Project of the Electrification of Lossambo City

In August 2016, under the Angolan National Housing Program, Ossi Yeto has concluded the electrification of the city of Lossambo, in the Province of Huambo, for a private property developer – Kora Angola. The Kora investment is focused on the construction of 40,000 affordable, high-quality housing units on various...

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Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant of Gangelas

Sumbe-Gabela-Waku Kungo Electrification Project

The Sumbe-Gabela-Waku Kungo (SGWK) electrification project aims to expand the Angolan national electricity transmission network, namely into rural areas, enabling a greater number of households, as well as factories, schools and medical facilities to have access to grid-provided electricity...

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